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Dr Chandra Muzaffar – just an open note for you
Once your heart was  filled with egalitarian ideals which copiously   propagated into the pages of  your books and Aliran Monthly.
I admired your courage to say these forbidden ideals which in the eyes of the UMNO’s kingpins were seditious.

Teng Chang Yeow – You are a TRAITOR.
Okay, okay, I am not that nasty anyway to call you a traitor or anyone else who call for the restoration of the Penang Free Port status.
Definitely it’s not my style  to affix this “T” label on anyone.
Well, if you don’t believe me, go back and look up the Penang Hansard and leaf through the pages to the State  Assembly debate  on  9th June 1994.

Lim Kit Siang – a personification of political decency, honesty and civility
The response to Kit Siang’s visit was enthusiastic and warm, and I could see in the hawkers’ eyes that they appreciated it very much that he personally took time off from the scathing battle in Gelang Patah, Johore, just to see them – his old constituents.
P. Waythamoorthy - a letter just for you
Believe me, Waythamoorthy, there can never be a bright future for us in Malaysia if we do not see and treat ourselves as brothers and sisters.
A New Year Wish 2013 - An Independent Judiciary
The three pillars of good government, the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary must be separated.  The legislature legislates laws, the executive executes them, and the Judiciary checks its im≠plementation.
Tranforming Penang into a world class tourism hub?
The gumption to tell the truth is never a forte of the Barisan Nasional Government.  
And these lies had been repetitively bundled into cute little news reports that were ever so willingly published by the subservient BN leaning media as truths.
This is Gobbel’s  doctrine at its best – repeating lies over and over again until it  “transformed” into truths.

Najib's 20,000 affordable houses in Penang, is it for real?
I sort of a pity Najib. It’s none of his fault, but his advisors.   Promising to build “not less than 20,000 units of affordable housing…in Penang,” without knowing the fact that the same very BN had earlier made a promise under the four Malaysia Plans spanning from 1976 to 1991 to build 39,279 houses, but managed to deliver only 5,484.   And it is even more clownish as this big “Promise” comes under the “Promises Fulfilled” banner.
BN govt never stood by the rakyat in BKT Merah and Papan
“there is one principle to which all should adhere: regulatory authorities (Government) should be effectively separated from implementing organization (ARE), since … the prime duty of regulatory authorities is to protect Man and the environment, ensuing the … radiation doses to Man do not contravene the recommendations of the ICRPregulation.”
Nurul Izzah's No Compulsion view - A case of misinterpretation
In fact, if they assign these meanings to not-man, they are not wrong. But what is wrong is that they have assigned these to a reflective view in an “infinite” fashion. This should not happen because between Compulsion and no-Compulsion, there is absolutely nothing. This is what one calls the Law of Excluded Middle as opposed to the “Infinite” term.
Indian Gangsters or just lost souls
Sad as it is,  he died a nobody. I never judged  him as a gangster, but a man yearning to be heard and his cry for help was woven into his stories.
No man can get rich in politics unless he's a crook!
Even after reading his “natural abhorrence” statement, my ringgit still does not feel safe in my pocket. Frankly speaking, I cannot really grasp the real purpose of his speech because in reality, corruption had already seeped into every nook and corner of our society that had become as common as “nasi lemak
Shadowing's more crucial than shadow cabinets
That's why in Canada, Shadow Ministers are referred as Shadow Critics not Ministers.  Thus, leaving the naming of the new Cabinet Ministers after the General Election and not before
Ngeh’s tweet not a proposition but a question.
Given that Ngeh’s tweet is not a Proposition, but a Question,  we must be sincere to treat it as one. Please don't put words into Ngeh's mouth.
Yoga? I remember ‘mandi safar’
When the Malaysian authorities disallow the Muslims to practice Yoga, it became a hot issue. This was because Yoga had elements of Hinduism.
An open letter to MP Chow Kon Yeow
During my work-visit to Penang in 1994 with the late P. Patto, to helpout with the first Suara Tanjung 3 issue, I wrote the front page article, RM300,000 For Top BN Politician which was at that time the hottest corruption case in Penang
Lynas’ RM 2-4 trillion money spinner?
I guess a few weeks ago, Malaysia woke up to the best news of the century – a waste product that could generate RM 2 trillion ...
Toeing the Party line: A bona fide Westminster practice
Being columnists of the mainstream news media,  they are the top of the heap in the realm of journalism. As such, their comments on issues or events should manifest as articulated views or opinions. These all should be based on extensive observations without wavering away from the hard facts just to make the National Front smelling like roses and the opposition smelling like a dumpster.
The existence of 42,051 doubtful voters - trivial?
If the “doubtful”  42,051 voters “manage”  to vote in the 13th General Elections, it could influence up to 42 parliamentary and state seats with a 1,000 votes majority.  If it is a 300 vote majority, it could influence up to 140 seats.
Watergate – A sex scandal?
For a starter, I hate to admit that Dr. Mahathir is absolutely right when he said that UMNO’s intellectual base is thinning just like the fast receding hairline of Samy Vellu’s.
Najib's irrational fear of a hung parliament
Now, why in world does Najib  fear it?   He has the experience of  getting rid of the elected Pakatan Perak State Government and replacing it with a ‘Rump’ of his own.
Will the 69% approval rate improve our lives?
Apparently, the answer to this vast difference in reality and the poll measured is best described by the ancients which they likened it to the analogy of the Plato’s myth of measurng shadows cast upon the walls of the cave
Bersih 3 in Ipoh - Video
In a sense we've come to our nation's capital to cash a CHEQUE. 
When the architects of our republic wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, they were signing a PROMISSORY note to which every American was to fall heir. 
Open letter to Khairy Jamaluddin - Single Stream Educational System - Is it a wish too far?
The Education Minister, Muhyiddin is of course,  not as bright as you, but definitely a   spark brighter than Ibrahim Ali and Hasan Ali, but the fact is, he does not like you and definitely will not let you touch these unfair

Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj – The exemplary MP

Dr Jeyakumar is a pleasant and a gentle person whose passion to help the helpless poor had always been laced with compassion. Not a strand in him that suggest he is a violent person nor it is part of his disposition. Whatever he does, transcend well beyond race and religion. He is a true Malaysian without the Indian adjective.

Papan-Bukit Merah Radioactive Controversy
Why the people of  Papan, Bukit Merah and Menglembu protested  against Asian Rare Earth, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical?
In the early years of 1984, the people were made to believe that the dumpsite was of good quality and ARE was expected to monitor the disposal of the radioactive waste
Mitsubishi Chemical – Come clean with the Thorium waste issue!
I read with amusement the latest article on Mitsubishi Chemicals’ recent 100 US million cleanup of the waste in its former radioactive plant in Bukit Merah.   Judging from the way in which the story is presented or if we squint our eyes at a slightly wrong angle, we might mistakenly think that the whole episode rests on the premise that the largest radiation cleanup is an act of great charity despite having no legal compulsion to do so.
Shadow Cabinet – Do we have one in Malaysia?
By demanding the Opposition to form a Shadow Cabinet had at last removed any skepticism that there is a competing power to Putrajaya.
But this recognition is meaningless if barriers are put up at every single mile towards Putrajaya to thwart the Opposition from taking over.
Tun Dr Mahathir – abdicating his past unpleasant deeds?
For the past few months we have been seeing a seemingly similar pattern of white washing unpleasant deeds of the bygone era of Tun Dr Mahathir
Fifteenth year of P.Patto’s passing – 12-7-2010
Today, 15 years ago, P.Patto passed away, leaving a void that until today is not filled. Although, a decade and half had passed, the memory of his, is still vivid in the minds of those who had the opportunity to be with him in the fight for justice for the people.
An Open letter to P.Uthayakumar and Koh Swe Yong
Your party 15/38 strategy ‘to create, win in and create politically empowered 15 Parliamentary and 38 State Indian majority seats’ and Koh Swe Yong, secretary-general of PRM (Star – 7/6/2010) to contest as many seats as possible in the coming elections will test or better still crack the iron-clad feudal first-past-the-post electoral system to ‘empower’ the minorities – this had never happened before in history, either in Malaysia or in Great Britain.
Mahathir did not reveal all about the Radioactive Waste issue
Tun Dr. Mahathir had at last admitted, but not all, what the foreign experts (engaged by the residents 27 years ago) had been saying all along i.e., the danger posed by the radioactive waste from the Asian Rare Earth (ARE) company near Bukit Merah and the waste dumps near Papan was indeed genuine and serious. 
One Malaysia?
In conclusion, I guess Najib had taken the first step to begin this journey but the second step is already off-course.
Inevitably, the third one would be heading towards the direction of Abdullah’s Islam Hadhari – it disappeared with his departure.
Apparently, Islam Hadhari concept was hard to understand and difficult to implement.
The One Malaysia concept is different, it is easy to understand but hard to swallow.
Thanks to Barisan Nasional for single-handedly transforming Ipoh from a rich and bustling Tin-City to a Nga-Choy-Kai (Bean-Sprout Chicken) industry. Ipoh never recovered from this fatal stroke of incompetence and greed to corner the World Tin Market. As a result of this, the once vibrant Tin Industry was totally wiped out.
Do Have some humility for P. Patto’s family
The renaming of Jalan Silibin to Jalan P.Patto had caused an unusually large uproar from the businesses and residents in this particular area.
Sewer Journalism at its best
When I flipped open the newspaper the other day, I noticed a report that caught my eyes. It was about a report on the special relationship between Anwar and Azmin.
Thank God, we are Africans!
Steven Schlossstein, author of the book, Asia's Little Dragons, lamented: 'Of all the government leaders that I interviewed in the three counties in this study, the politicians and bureaucrats of Malaysia proved to be the most obstinate and evasive.'